I had the pleasure of Anna helping me out with some clothing styling issues. To begin with, I was sent a very thorough questionnaire, so I felt as though I could get all my thoughts down and she could really understand what my issues and needs were. Following this I was sent a mood board showing a few outfits. I could tell that she had taken everything on the questionnaire into consideration, as I thought all the out-fits she had selected for me looked great. Anna then helped me out with my current wardrobe, showing me different ways of wearing things I had given up on. Using the mood board as a guide she took me shopping and we went and tried a few styles, things that I wouldn’t have tried before but was surprised they looked good. Anna was helpful in selecting outfits that reflected my needs and that I was comfortable wearing. I would recommend Anna as a personal shopping stylist. She has a knack for knowing what suits. She is patient and takes the time to understand what you want. .


I had the pleasure of working with Anna to provide me with the confidence I needed to update my wardrobe. Anna was so delightful to work with. She provided a beautiful collection of looks for me to view prior to our shopping session.The wardrobe edit and shopping experience were both extremely professional and much appreciated. I will definitely recommend Anna to all of my friends.


The thoughtful selection that Anna has styled for me is bang on. The colours are pretty and bright, very much what I would like to wear, perfect for my colouring. There’s nothing too intimidating or off-putting for a fashion-dummy like me, though there are a couple of pieces that would push me to the edge of my comfort zone (this is a good thing. The comfort zone is somewhere I would like to leave). If I had endless time to shop – in stores or online – I still couldn’t pull this together myself. I don’t have the patience or knowledge of brands.

Anna B

Anna sorted my wardrobe in such a professional and thoughtful manner. I needed to re-work my entire wardrobe and we were able to achieve that together. My outfits not only looked great, but they gave me so much more confidence. Anna will be my Stylist again and that makes me so happy.


I can’t thank Anna enough for her professionalism and help with my very cluttered wardrobe. I found it very hard to make style choices and now I have the confidence to put styles together that I may never have thought would work. Thank you so much.

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